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Founded in 2010, Yongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd. ("Yongmeng Machinery") is located at Baodi Jiuyuan Industrial Park in the beautiful coastal city of Tianjin. Yongmeng Machinery is the domestic leading specialized manufacturer of corn harvesting machinery integrating independent research and development, production, sale and service. Yongmeng Machinery was identified as "Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Program", and the company technical center was identified as "Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center."

The company has been committed to the research of the cutting-edge technologies of corn harvesting machinery, emphasizing product quality upgrades, and paying attention to the needs of end-users. Its leading products "Yongmeng" self-propelled corn harvester series have been leading the technological development direction of corn harvesting machinery in China. The company has more than thirty national patents for such products as corn machine header devices, peeling machine devices, ear throwing device, engine power output device and so on, of which the header tool setting stalk pulling harvesting technology is the domestic leading technology; the peeling machine patented technology adopts the rubber roller and cast iron roller combination peeling mechanism, featured by fast peeling speed and high peeling rate, and do not knock the grains. The corn harvester grain transport device has won the national invention patent, which can directly send the grains back to the granary through auger, to avoid the cumbersome process of separate recycling and unloading; the corn harvester granary is equipped with the rollover, to facilitate loading and unloading, and improve harvest speed.

The product can realize ear-picking, transport, peeling and container collecting, hydraulic dump unloading, straw chopping and returning to field (or storage) and other operations at one time. The efficiency in large block operations is more obvious; all the performance indicators have passed the national authoritative tests, which meet or even surpass the requirements of the national standards. The products are featured by stable performance, reliable quality, and easy maintenance and operation, being widely used for corn harvesting operations in the various agronomic conditions in China. We can currently offer 3-row, 4-row, 5-row, 6-row, 7-row and 8-row and more harvesting row. The row spacing of the header covers 300, 510, 550, 590, 600 and 650mm. There are dozens of harvesting function varieties including peeling and non-peeling; straw chopping and recycling type, straw chopping and returning-to-field type, straw collection and laying and so on. "Yongmeng" self-propelled corn harvester series are highly recognized in the three northeast provinces, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanxi, Hebei and other regions of the country thanks to their excellent product quality and high brand awareness, being found everywhere in the vast rural land of China. The four-row self-propelled corn machines rank top two in China in terms of sales.

In the future, the company will continue to specialize in and focus on the development and manufacture of corn harvesting machinery, keeping abreast with the changes in user needs, and touching users through quality services. We will also continuously absorb the international advanced technologies, and speed up product quality upgrades. Yongmeng Machinery will build a large-scale agricultural equipment manufacturer with first-class technology, first-class process, and first-class management based on profound accumulations, the pioneering spirit, and perseverance.


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