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In order to attract, encourage and retain talents, to achieve the win-win situations between the company and employees, the company provides staff with comprehensive and competitive remuneration and benefits

1. Competitive salary

Yongmeng provides externally competitive and internally fair salary incentives for employees, and achieves the unity of personal values and corporate values through the combination of short-term, medium and long-term incentives, and ultimately realize the common growth of employees and the enterprise.

2. Comprehensive benefits

◇Multiple benefits:

Yongmeng provides the statutory benefits consisting of five insurances and housing fund, in addition to the enterprise annuity plan for employees. Furthermore, the company also provides employees with rich corporate benefits and flexible benefits.

◇Staff Happy Land:

In order to ensure that employees can live and work happily at Yongmeng, in addition to the competitive salary, we also provide staff with a “Staff Happy Land” composed of many items with special characteristics, such as, employee health management, children's education assist, rich cultural activities, article soliciting with prizes, library and reading room and so on.

◇Care for Employees:

Including care for new employees and in-service employees, employees’ birthday gifts, condolences for the families of employees in difficulties

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