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1. Everyone can be a talent. We select talents through competitions rather than looking at the superficial materials.

However great your ability is, you can find a space large enough to give play your ability with us. We stick to two principles: (1) fair competition, merits-based talent promotion (2) Assign the right position to the right person, and give full play to the abilities of talents;

2. Combination of authorization and supervision

Full authorization must be combined with supervision. The more important the position is, the more necessary it is to supervise the employees and help them to grow up healthily.

3. Give top priority to ethics in selecting talents

“Ethics first” is the core standard in our talent strategies for talent selection. People with high moral, even though being slightly weak in some areas, can still be cultivated into a high-quality professional Yongmeng staff through the training platform of company as long as they have strong curiosity.

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