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  ----The 2017 hannover Asia show was a hit


On March 15, hannover farm machinery exhibition in Asia in the international trade and exhibition centre in Bangkok, Thailand (BITEC) formal meeting, China's corn corn harvester national brands: intrepid machinery, with optimal yz - 3 4 t self-propelled corn harvester at the exhibition.

The 4YZ -3t self-propelled corn harvester is a good product for the upgrade of the Thai corn crop on the basis of mature products. The product adopts the cutting platform of the blade, which is more suitable for wet and inverted crops. All new kinds of plastic and star wheel pressure, peeling machine, skin cleaner and low loss rate; 150 HP high quality three engine, power three gears adjustable, walking, oil, and homework. The engine USES a tight fire protection shield to prevent the entry of the clutter. The whole frame adopts seamless steel tube, carrying capacity is super. And the air conditioning is installed in Thailand's hot climate and the operation is more comfortable.

According to the visit of the farm machinery exhibition audience for local Thai farmers and farmers, they are at the scene of the monster machine to attract, stop to watch! Intrepid mechanical as pioneers in the field of corn harvest machinery in China, 17 years dedicated to the corn harvest mechanization, focus for China's agricultural mechanization construction, liberate the rural productivity contribution strength! In today's China's corn machine industry reshuffle, intrepid machinery will continue to work hard, originality and making the first brand of China's corn machine, go abroad, farmers service the world!

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As one of the traditional agricultural countries in asean countries, Thailand has a land area of 38% of the total area. It is an important food producing region in the world, and other economic crops are well developed. But with the development of Thailand's economy, the shortage of labor has become a key issue in agricultural production, which inevitably leads to an increase in demand for agricultural machinery. Second, with the establishment of the china-asean free trade area, China has facilitated the export of agricultural machinery to asean countries. On the other hand, the export of agricultural products from asean countries has stimulated the agricultural development of asean countries and strengthened the application of agricultural mechanization.


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