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The brave machine has been awarded the honor service unit of tianjin consumer association

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The brave machine has been awarded the honor service unit of tianjin consumer association

On March 13, tianjin consumer association held the second batch of "integrity service units", which was invited to participate in the conference. It is understood that the second batch of "good faith service unit" is recommended activities by the consumer association of tianjin joint city industry organizations such as the insurance industry association, the association of old.

This poll, through industry association, district primary discussion communication in disappear assist recommendation, industries, consumers vote, advance the public, such as different channels and means, through layers of pageant, intrepid machinery co., LTD., eventually won the "integrity services unit" title.

Said at the meeting, secretary general of tianjin city disappear assist virlisen, currently a total of 259 enterprises to obtain the "integrity services unit" title, they are the industry leading and typical. In the future, the development of tianjin city disappear assist divisions, step the activity, in the future to cover involves the consumer related industries, for the majority of consumers to provide a ease, save worry, ease of consumption environment.

For many years, the brave machine has gained good reputation through good reputation. The "integrity service unit" won, will become the intrepid machine to better serve the user's inexhaustible power. In the future, intrepid machinery will be "don't forget the charm of beginner's mind Create brilliant "as the tenet, spirit with getting the product, service users, with all my heart to build high-quality goods for customers satisfied with valor.


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