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  • Name: Intrepid 9QS - 290 feed harvesters
  • Time: 2017-06-08
  • Views : 8

Product description:

With high efficiency and reliable domestic industry-leading kingdom Ⅲ wood force after 270 - horsepower engine, hydraulic pump and engine directly connected, the more powerful, more stable and reliable, greatly improved the working efficiency. Driven by hydraulic precursor form, the whole machine structure optimization, three speed gearbox, hydraulic drive with special operation convenient save Labour, speed ratio is reasonable, the shift is more smooth, more reliable performance. German imported hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, complete machine structure optimization, drive simple, performance is more reliable. The cutting table is cut by 2948mm, the structural optimization is improved, the use of the swing box control the cross cutter reciprocate, the installation adjustment of the cross cutter is adjusted to adjust the problem, the harvest performance is better! Smart, comfortable, new design of the arc glass cab, making sure the most important vision required for the cutting machine function. Lights are controlled by the bus, smart switches, which provide the perfect manipulation and lighting conditions for nighttime driving and homework. Adopt the United States import steering gear assembly, use the spline connection, service life long, the performance is more reliable. Hydrostatic actuator, the operating efficiency is increased by 10%.

Use multi-function handle handle to achieve a lever, flexible and convenient. The handle is operated by the imported electromagnetic valve, which is more sensitive and reliable. Static hydraulic walking system, walking performance is good, braking effect is good. Luxurious cab, sealed and air-conditioned, keep you away from dust and sweat, make driving a pleasure.


Product parameters:


Design value


9 qs - 290

The structural type of

Self propelled

Physical size (mm) (long x width by height)

6750 x3135x4000

Complete engine (kilowatt/horsepower)


Rated speed (revolutions per minute)


Work width (mm)


Lowest stubble height (mm)

150 or less

Throw height (mm)


Throw distance (meter)


The total loss


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